Narges Mohammadi: The war must end

The fact is that “war” and “tyranny” are two sides of the same coin, both destroying humanity and destroying people.

Attacking helpless people, killing children, women and civilians, taking them hostage, bombing hospitals and schools and bombarding neighbourhoods with missiles has left the world in terror and despair. In the course of this, “religious tyranny” has inflicted further pain on my suffering heart.

Although I am still behind the cold and black walls of Evin Prison in chains, I call with a loud voice for an immediate ceasefire to end the “war” and free the people from the bondage of the warmongers.

I want people’s rights to be respected and for them to have the opportunity to live in dignity, in peace and with respect for one another.

I am convinced that this path will be realised with the power of the voice of global public opinion and the international cohesion of human rights organisations and peace-making institutions around the world, although it may seem difficult at first.

In the hope of lasting world peace, equality and freedom

Narges Mohammadi (Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2023)

Iran/Teheran Evin Prison

November 2023

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