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An Eyewitness from Evin Prison/Mahbubeh Karami

Change for Equality: It’s been more than one month that I have been in “Evin” prison. And it’s been a short time that I can contact my friends and get some news from other prisoners by phone.
The other day, as I was walking in Evin, I heard a saddening news; The Generalities of the new “Family Protection” bill was accepted. It was hard to believe. Again the voice of injustice, again the announcement of non-identity, and again the beliefs which they want us to believe blind fully so that they can reach their filthy goals in disguise cloak of law (is showing face).
I contacted my friends and they said it was true…
Woman… the familiar word of tasting injustice and dictatorship of times, the image to be faded so that the legend be forgotten, is here, beside others, witnessing fatal unjust judgements ...and what do we want except equal rights for men and women, the right to be able to have child custody too, and being treated equal in heritance and as a witness and as a human…
Let us not let this happen! Daughters of the land of sun, let us not let our love be manipulated and theft by the governors’ lusts!
The equality of rights is a necessity for democracy. It is not fair that girls who step into a marriage to share the moments of togetherness become the prisoners of love sellers in disguise of law who disrespect the sacred love that has even been stated in Quran too and ruin thousands of families.
Here, I am a witness, a witness to the results of legal discriminations, a witness to the results of polygamy law; killing the other woman, killing the husband and now a day to day suicide, a witness to the consequences of the lack of rights in marriage and in divorce and a witness to the women who have been forced to marry as a child and now are here because of their rebel.
We have to sing the song of unity and believe in whatever we want, and to print the beautiful word of equality in our culture, maybe once again we can refind the meaning of unity for freedom. We must be aware of thousands of plots against women (’s feelings) and know that if we knot our hands together we can believe our pride.

Mahbubeh Karami, 26 August 2008, Evin Prison

source: Change for Equality

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