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The Islamic Republic Attacks Labor Activists Once Again

On Friday the 26th of Khordad 1391 (15th june 2012) plain clothes secret police of the Islamic Republic attacked a gathering of the Labor Organization Assistance Committee which has been legally working within the requirements of the law since 1384. All of the attendees, over 60 individuals, were beaten, injured and arrested. This is while all of the activities of this organization and labor unions have been public and the Islamic Republic released all of them other than nine individuals named Mazyar Mehrpour, Saeed Marzban, Mitra Homayouni, Sirous Fathi, Jalil Mohammadi, Massoud Salimpour, Reyhaneh Ansari, Alireza Asgari and Faramarz Fetradnejad which have been incarcerated at an unknown location without any formal charges.

In a time where the inability of the Islamic Republic to democratically manage society has let to serious national crises and ill conceived international policies has let to isolation and economic sanctions, the management of large industrial companies which are mostly owned by the government or the revolutionary guard have forced all of their shortcomings on defenseless workers and laid off hundreds of thousands.

The Islamic Republic must release all those who have been arrested because of their activities to help create social or labor organizations and honor the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Workers have the right to organize to defend their rights.

Iranian workers need the strong support of international labor organizations. With strong support it is possible to gain the freedom of jailed labor activists.

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Committee for the Defence of Human Rights in Iran-Austria